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Mullein Tea
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Chaga tea
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Mullein & Nettle Leaf Herbal Tea
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Mullein & Nettle Leaf Tea Mega Pack
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Zokiva is your new resource for the most effective nutritional teas available.  Zokiva is here to offer support for increased energy, vitality, clarity and overall well-being.

Moringa is natures most nutritious plant that has a large number of health benefits. The Moringa tree a.k.a. "The Tree of Life" is believed to be nature's most giving plant. Moringa tes is jam-packed with over 90 plant-based nutrients. Moringa oleifera has sustained mankind for thousands of years and continues its legacy today across the globe.  Boost your energy levels today with our Moringa oleifera tea and blended tea products.

Graviola Tea, often called Soursop Tea, is a nutrient bioavailable superfood rich in many powerful vitamins and minerals that support healthy, strong bodies. Graviola powder contains significant amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2. Graviola is also high in carbohydrates, particularly fructose and contains a unique set of phyto-chemicals called annonaceous acetogenins, which are only found in the annonaceae family (to which Graviola belongs).

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, test, cure or prevent any disease.

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