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Improve your Heart and Blood Health with Maca

If you’ve ever taken a look at a diagram of the cardiovascular system, you’ll notice it is much like a huge roadmap of interconnected highways, thoroughfares and even some back roads.  Blood is carried to all the major and minor attractions of the body.  From your brain to your feet, every movement, every thought, every breath is possible because the heart pumps blood through the body.  Therefore, healthy blood and a strong heart are essential to our health.  Luckily, Zokiva now has one of the most potent natural superfoods for cardiovascular health, Maca.

Maca is a great source of iron, which is required for healthy blood.  Iron produces and oxygenates red blood cells and carries oxygen to the lungs, which is then dispersed throughout the body.  When we don’t have enough iron to make red blood cells, it’s known as iron deficiency anemia.  Without red blood cells, our bodies don’t get enough oxygen and we feel tired.  Lack of oxygen can make us physically lethargic, but may also cause our brain to feel sluggish too.  The CDC estimates that 10% of women are iron deficient.  It’s especially important for women to get enough iron during pregnancy, when the body is working overtime to pump blood to mother and baby.

With a variety of nutrients including protein, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Maca strengthens muscles.  And the heart is one very important muscular organ!  When the heart is strong it pumps blood properly throughout the body, keeping other organs and systems running smoothly too.  Maca can help improve circulation to ensure the whole body is getting the oxygenated blood it needs, and also stabilizes blood pressure to maintain normal levels. 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and stroke is the fourth most common cause of death.  Plus, many people suffer from non-fatal heart attacks, stroke and other diseases and live painfully with negative symptoms.  Heart disease and stroke are the result of plaque build-up in arteries that prevent blood from flowing freely to and from the heart and brain.  When blood is cut off from these vital organs, the results can be deadly.  Risk factors of heart disease and stroke include smoking, being over weight, lack of physical activity, high blood pressure and unstable blood sugar levels.  And one of the biggest risk factors is not getting proper heart-healthy nutrition. 

A heart-healthy diet is one that is packed with fruits and vegetables with tons of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  It’s also important to limit high fat and high cholesterol foods.  Instead chose lean proteins like chicken, turkey, beans, legumes and low-fat dairy products.  Also be sure to get enough whole grains for fiber.  The best way to ensure a heart-healthy diet is through a superfood supplement like Maca.  Its super simple to add Maca to many foods you eat regularly, like yogurt, soups, smoothies and more. 

When you add heart-friendly herb such as Maca, you know you’re getting your daily nutrients as a preventative measure against heart disease and stroke.  Plus you’re getting your fill of essential iron to oxygenate your blood, improve circulation and steady your blood pressure, naturally.  Keep those cardiovascular highways healthy and strong with Maca!


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should consult with a doctor before use. If you are on any medications check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplement.

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