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Happy & Healthy Hibiscus Tea

The summer sun is still burning hot and Zokiva has the perfect drink to quench your thirst: iced Hibiscus Tea! This gorgeous floral drink features a tart and tangy twist that does amazing things for your body. Grab a cup and let us tell you about the wonderful health benefits of Hibiscus Tea!

Antioxidant Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

We all know antioxidants are nature’s medicine against free radicals that can cause oxidative stress on our cells. Over time, oxidation may weaken cells and lead to illness and disease. But with a diet rich in antioxidants from a variety of natural food sources, you can combat this deterioration and even strengthen your immune system.

Hibiscus Tea is packed with antioxidants like Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and flavonoids. Plus, it is an antibacterial agent and has properties that reduce internal swelling that often lead to chronic disease. These fantastic qualities help bolster the body’s natural immune defenses, cleanse and purify, and support optimal bodily functions.

For example, Hibiscus Tea has shown positive results in managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels within normal limits, both of which can contribute to heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular problems. It also supports liver function and may reduce risk of diabetes.

Digestion and Weight Management Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea is a natural diuretic and digestive stimulant, which means it helps eliminate waste to cleanse the body. This may assist digestion and common gastrointestinal issues.

Furthermore, Hibiscus Tea may aid in weight management because it works with the body to stabilize blood glucose levels within normal limits. It might even prohibit the absorption of starches and sugars that contribute to weight gain. Since it is naturally low in calories, Hibiscus Tea can replace sugary drinks. It can even take the place of sports drinks because it restores vitamins and minerals lost in sweat, satiates thirst, and cools the body.

Mood Elevating Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

Everyone feels better with a healthy does of nutrients every day, especially when they come in the form of a delicious drink. But Hibiscus Tea may go beyond that to elevate your mood. Between the antioxidant, vitamin and mineral concentrations of this superfood tea, it is known to relax the body and potentially reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

How to Make Hibiscus Tea

Zokiva’s 100% Pure Hibiscus Tea is easy to enjoy. Simply steep a ready-made bag in 8-12 oz. of water (depending on desired potency) for 5-10 minutes. Enjoy immediately for a cozy beverage or chill in the refrigerator and serve on ice for a refreshing summertime thirst-quencher.

Hibiscus Tea and Heart Health

Hibiscus Tea has long been used for medicinal purposes.  It has a range of benefits including improving heart health.  Delicious, sweet and tart, Hibiscus Tea is a wonderful way to keep blood pressure, cholesterol and good circulation under control.  Chock full of antioxidants, Hibiscus Tea is an easy addition to your daily diet that will not only help your heart, but also leave you satisfied and your tastebuds delighted.  Only 2 to 3 cups a day of Hibiscus Tea can make a huge difference in your health.

About Hibiscus Tea

The beautiful hibiscus flower used for health purposes is formally called sabdariffa.  It originated in Africa but can now be found worldwide.  The central red cup portion of the hibiscus flower, the calyx, is dried and made into a tisane.  This is what we call Hibiscus Tea. 

Hibiscus Tea for Blood Pressure

Heart health is intertwined with many aspects of your health but it is highly correlated to blood pressure.  High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, may lead to a variety of cardiovascular problems including heart disease, heart attack and stroke.  According to the CDC, approximately 29% of people in the U.S. suffer from hypertension.

Studies show that Hibiscus Tea is so effective at lowering blood pressure within a normal range that it rivals the leading prescription medications for hypertension.  In fact, the American Heart Association even touts the benefits of Hibiscus Tea as a natural way to lower high blood pressure.  Diabetics are even more at risk of hypertension and research indicates  is a terrific resource to keep blood pressure stable for those with diabetes.

Hibiscus Tea for Cholesterol and Circulation

Cholesterol is another important factor when it comes to heart health.  Hibiscus Tea has been found to lower blood viscosity which in turn affects cholesterol and circulation.  While more research must be done, some experts believe that Hibiscus Tea can help lower the cholesterol that causes artery clogging plaque.  When blood cannot flow freely, risk of serious complications may occur.  Thinner blood with less cholesterol improves circulation and keeps arteries passable.

Why Hibiscus Tea is Effective for Hearth Health

Hibiscus Tea contains powerful antioxidants including vitamins, flavonoids and anthocyanins that help reduce internal swelling and protect and defend cells throughout the body.  This is one reason why experts believe Hibiscus Tea is great for heart health.  The more antioxidants we consume, the better chance we have for healthy cells, blood and cardiovascular health.

Hibiscus Tea also contains phyto-chemicals that work as antibacterial and antifungal agents.  These help keep our insides clean and flush out toxins that can bog down the system.  Hibiscus Tea is also used as a natural laxative to calm the digestive tract for easier waste elimination, may support a reduction in degenerative brain diseases and has shown positive results for respiratory conditions.


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