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Cacao Powder, the Healthy Chocolate Alternative

February is the month of love, heart health and chocolate!  One of our favorite nutritional supplements, Cacao Powder combines all three for a delicious way to improve your health.  Cacao Powder is a healthy chocolate alternative perfect for Valentine’s Day treats that will keep your heart on beat and your taste buds in tune. 

Believe it or not, cacao is the base ingredient for all chocolate.  But what starts off as a healthy superfood quickly turns to junk food when manufacturers add sugar, oils and eggs to create most modern chocolate candies.  However, the raw form of chocolate, Cacao, is a fantastic healthy chocolate alternative that gives you the decadent flavor of chocolate without the fat, sugar and guilt.  In fact, you can feel REALLY good about eating Cacao Powder because of its amazing health benefits. 

Hailing from the tropics of the Americas, Cacao Powder contains over 300 natural nutrient compounds.  These range from your typical vitamins and minerals, to powerful antioxidant compounds like polyphenols, flavonoids, flavanols and anthocyanidins, among others.  When it comes to antioxidants, it has shown to beat green tea, black tea and red wine in quantity and quality.  Cacao Powder is considered a whole food because it has all essential nutritional elements of food including good fats, carbohydrates, protein and many other nutrients.  It has tremendous internal antimicrobial properties that help protect and cleanse the body, especially the cardiovascular system. 

Many studies indicate the phenomenal benefits of Cacao Powder for the heart.  Across multiple research projects Cacao, often referred to as dark chocolate, is helpful in lowering blood pressure, increasing HDL cholesterol, decreasing LDL cholesterol, reducing swelling and strengthening both blood platelets and blood vessels.  Cacao Powder supports the metabolism and can lower blood pressure within a normal range.  It is even cited as a healthy food for weight and diabetes management because it may improve insulin resistance.  All of these positive health factors reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and complications such as heart attack, stroke, hypertension, atherosclerosis and many other heart-related problems.

Beyond heart health, the antioxidants in Cacao Powder help reduce risk of many diseases and illnesses by supporting and protecting healthy cells.  Cacao Powder can be an immuno-stimulant to aid the immune system in fending off microbes.  It also helps give the brain a boost by stimulating neurotransmitters that impact cognition.  For this reason it can improve memory and clarity, as well as act as a mood elevator and send happy vibes throughout the body.

During this month of indulgence and chocolate treats, don’t mistake regular chocolate varieties for pure Cacao. Milk chocolate and white chocolate have very little of this natural superfood.  Dark chocolate contains the most Cacao and many products indicate the percentage of Cacao.  However, raw Cacao Powder is the only way to get the maximum benefit from this nutritious whole food.  Rather than purchasing processed candies, try making your own delicious treats using Zokiva’s Cacao Powder.  It blends beautifully into a variety of dishes and can make scrumptious drinks and smoothies as well.  Cacao Powder combines healthy alternatives with fabulous taste this Heart Health Month and Valentine’s Day.


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