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3 Great Ways to Enjoy the Health Benefits of Graviola

When it comes to nutritional supplements, you have a lot of options.  Not only are there many superfood selections and multi-nutrient combinations, you also have your choice of format.  Everyone’s nutritional needs and preferences differ so we believe in giving you LOTS of options.  That’s why Zokiva is thrilled to offer the 100% natural nutritional supplement Graviola available in capsules, tea and powder. 

Graviola, also know as Soursop or Brazilian Paw-Paw, is a tropical superfood fruit that is typically found in South and Central America and the Caribbean.  The heart-shaped, spiky, yellowish green fruit grows on the Annonaceae tree, which yields incredible, rare health benefits.  The nutrient-rich fruit itself tastes like a mixture of strawberry and pineapple, but the edible leaves and seeds have terrific advantages too.

What’s so Amazing about Graviola?

Like many superfoods, Graviola contains a high concentration of vitamins (especially Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2) that support healthy bodies, as well as carbohydrates and a natural source of sugar.  But the most extraordinary health benefits of Graviola come from a unique set of powerful phyto-chemicals called annonaceous acetogenins, which, as you can imagine, are only produced by plants in the Annonaceae family. 

Annonaceous acetogenins found in Graviola have many uses for protecting, cleansing and healing the body.  Studies show that they support the immune system by detecting, attacking and preventing the growth of mutated cells.  This has phenomenal implications in reducing serious and life-threatening diseases.  It also helps relieve pain and disease-provoking side-effects of swelling, eases digestion, reduces muscle spasms, supports the respiratory system, clears skin conditions, and acts as a mood booster and mild sedative to calm the nervous system.

Three Ways to Take Graviola

Now you can enjoy the majestic benefits of Graviola in three ways: Capsules, Tea and Powder. 

  • Graviola Capsules:  Graviola capsules can be taken twice daily as a morning and evening nutritional boost.  With no fillers, binders or artificial ingredients, these pure ground Graviola capsules are a simple way to get a rare set of nutritional benefits. 
  • Graviola Tea:  Graviola Tea is another sweet and delicious way to sip your daily dose of Graviola.  For best results, drink two or three cups of Graviola Tea a day.  It can be served hot or cold. 
  • Graviola Powder:  Adding a few scoops of Graviola Powder may be more your speed if you tend to drink smoothies or juice, or do a lot of cooking.  Simply add a teaspoon or two of Graviola Powder to your favorite recipes to maximize your nutrient potential. 

At Zokiva, you have many options.  Try all three of our Graviola products to discover the incredible power of this phenomenal superfood.


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with a doctor before use. If you are on any medications check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplement.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, test, cure or prevent any disease.


What is Graviola

The leaves of the Graviola plant have tremendous medicinal and therapeutic benefits.  The tropical Graviola tree is found in South America and Southeast Asia and bares a small green fruit in addition to potent leaves.  The fruit can be consumed and the leaves are often ground into Graviola Leaf Tea to easily sip in the incredible health benefits of this plant.  Graviola is often known as Soursop or Brazilian Paw Paw as well.

The range of disease and infection fighting advantages that stem from Graviola leaves are in large part due to its powerful antioxidant content.  Bursting with antioxidants including Vitamin C, Graviola helps combat the negative effects of free radicals on cells.  As free radicals enter our bodies through sun exposure, the food chain and other environmental factors, cells become weak and damaged.  Antioxidants like those found in Graviola help defend and repair cells against harmful free radicals. 

Moreover, Graviola contains a unique disease-fighting compound called Annonaceous acetogenins, which are only found in the Annonaceae family of plants of which Graviola is a member.  This unprecedented ingredient helps prevent cellular mutations that can lead to life-threatening disease, slow the growth and multiplication of diseased cells and even reverse disease in the body.  Acetogenins aid in blocking energy, blood supply and nutrients required for cellular activity in unhealthy cells, therefore causing them to die.  But amazingly, this intelligent compound found in Graviola detects the difference between healthy and unhealthy cells and protects and supports the healthy cells with its vast nutrients. 

Graviola leaves are also deft at preventing and treating infections including bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral infections, specifically the herpes simplex virus.  It naturally reduces internal and external swelling and irritation such as joint pain, arthritis, skin conditions and respiratory problems.  As a good source of vitamins B1 (thiamin) and B2 (riboflavin), Graviola is sometimes used to relax and calm the body, especially the bowels because it strengthens the muscles in the digestive tract.  This sedative benefit helps those with chronic digestive issues and gastrointestinal distress.  The B complex vitamins also support a healthy nervous system, liver, eyes, skin and hair while providing energy and extra protection against free radicals.  

Zokiva offers the finest Graviola Leaf Tea for your health, wellbeing and vitality.  Sip your way into infection and disease prevention with this potent superfood tea!


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should consult with a doctor before use. If you are on any medications check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplement.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, test, cure or prevent any disease.