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Chill Out the Natural Way with Ashwagandha Powder

Before the holidays take their toll on your stress levels, incorporate some natural stress-relieving habits into your daily routine. Along with plenty of sleep, regular exercise and mindfulness, Ashwagandha Powder is an excellent natural supplement to help bring some Zen into your days.

Ashwagandha hails from India and has been used for centuries as part of Ayurvedic medicinal practices. The health benefits of Ashwagandha Powder are vast including immune, cardiovascular, cognitive, endocrine and reproductive support. Today we’re focusing on how this terrific superfood supports your mood and helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Ashwagandha Powder has a calming effect on the entire body, including the nervous system. Just as its ability to relax the intestines and heart supports easier digestion and cardiovascular health, soothing the body internally can reduce stress and create a calmer more relaxed state.

This is great news on many levels. First, it may help you cope with the normal day-to-day stressors you are sure to face. It can also help you sleep better at night and reduce insomnia. Many people suffering from anxiety and depression experience insomnia as well.  With natural calming properties, Ashwagandha Powder makes it is easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Several studies support Ashwagandha Powder as a positive supplement to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. In one study, Ashwagandha reduced stress pathways to the nervous system in rats. In another clinical trial, people reported a 69% reduction in anxiety and insomnia.

Yet another study showed that Ashwagandha Powder reduces cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone the body releases as a response to stress. It can have an impact on many organs and bodily systems if it becomes a chronic state. Research indicated that chronically stressed people who took Ashwagandha lowered their cortisol levels by 30%.

Managing stress is an important preventative health measure because it can take a toll on the entire body. Stress levels tend to rise later in the year as deadlines, family events and hectic schedules consume our days. Simple stress management techniques including supplements like Ashwagandha Powder can help you remain cool, calm and collected during mores stressful times of year.


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should consult with a doctor before use. If you are on any medications check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplement.

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