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5 Phenomenal Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black Tea and its sisters Green Tea and White Tea are among the most popular beverages in the world. They all come from the Camellia Sinesis plant but Black Tea is fermented during processing.

Black Tea has a range of phenomenal health benefits that make its popularity more than just for its bold flavor. Today we’re looking at some of the most impressive health benefits of Black Tea that can enhance your life.

Natural Energy: Need a pick-me-up without the caffeine? Black tea is your pal for sustainable energy throughout your day. Yes, caffeine can give you a jolt of energy too, but Black Tea does it naturally without over-taxing your heart by increasing blood flow to your brain. It also kickstarts your metabolism and respiratory system to help deliver nutrients and oxygen throughout your body for a stimulating effect. Plus, with tons of antioxidants to rev up your body, Black Tea is definitely a fantastic way to boost your energy level.

Heart Helper: Black Tea is known to help the heart in several ways. First, it helps balance cholesterol levels by lowering bad cholesterol and elevating good cholesterol within normal limits. As a circulation enhancer, it supports healthy blood flow throughout the body, led by the heart of course. Perhaps most impressively though is that the flavonoids in Black Tea helps open arteries to improve circulation in people with heart disease whose arterial function would be otherwise handicapped. And studies show that Black Tea could reduce risk of stroke by 21%.

Strong to the Bone: With many phytonutrients, Black Tea drinkers tend to have stronger bones. This is important throughout life, especially with age when bones tend to deteriorate. Black Tea also has a ton of fluoride so it reduces plaque build-up on teeth, and it deters bacteria that lead to cavities, thanks to its high polyphenol content.

Compress the Stress: Black Tea supports less stress on several levels. It contains L-theanine, which supports relaxation and focus. It also reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol and aids in balancing other hormones that can contribute to a stressed state.

Immune Boost: Black Tea is chock full of antioxidants that support a healthy immune system. But the immune benefits of Black Tea go well beyond that. The tannins found in Black Tea keep the body working optimally and help guard against pathogens in every area from digestive health to decreasing risk of viruses. Black Tea also contains alkylamine antigens that stimulate faster and more effective immune responses.

Cheers to these phenomenal health benefits of Black Tea and cheers to your health!


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