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Black Cumin Oil, Straight Up

Taking a spoonful of oil may feel odd at first, but once you experience the extraordinary benefits of Black Cumin Oil, you won’t hesitate to continue this healthful practice. Black Cumin Oil has been used as a remedy for hundreds of health issues and many health experts find it to be a tremendously helpful supplement for the entire body.

Black Cumin Oil contains a range of essential acids including palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid, as well as several important B vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc and folate. But perhaps most important to the make-up of Black Cumin Oil are two active ingredients: crystalline nigellone and thymoquinone.

Experts believe most of the phenomenal health benefits of Black Cumin Oil stem from these active ingredients. They are known to inhibit many pathogens in the body including viral, fungal and bacterial agents known to wreak havoc. Black Cumin Oil proves to be effective at defending against pathogens as strong as MRSA, E. coli, staph, salmonella, conjunctivitis and parasites.

To that end, Black Cumin Oil can be used to boost immune health as well. It works differently than other common supplements that support the immune system. Black Cumin Oil is able to decipher damaged cells from healthy ones and lend strength only where needed. This helps keep healthy cells naturally intact. Plus, it strengthens the liver to help it perform optimally and ultimately takes pressure off the liver by weeding out many of the foreign substances this cleansing organ usually addresses.

Black Cumin Oil also supports digestion and respiration. It is a common all-natural supplement for gas, constipation, cramping and diarrhea. Amazingly Black Cumin Oil can also help with respiratory conditions ranging from common coughs and the flu, to bronchitis and emphysema, to asthma and allergies. It is believed to have antihistamine properties.

As if all of these health benefits of Black Cumin Oil aren’t enough, it can also ease pain and support beautiful skin. As an analgesic and antispasmodic, Black Cumin Oil can reduce internal pain such as headaches, toothaches, joint pain and swelling. When used topically it can clear up a variety of skin conditions – from wounds, to acne – with its healing nutrients.

With just a spoonful of Black Cumin Oil a day, you can enjoy many of these fantastic health benefits.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should consult with a doctor before use. If you are on any medications check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplement.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, test, cure or prevent any disease.