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The Health Benefits of Amla – The Lesser-Known Superfruit with Huge Potential

You’ve probably heard all of your life that fruit is good for you.  That is absolutely true.  Fruits are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support healthy bodies.  While every fruit has health benefits, not many are as great as the health benefits of Amla.  This lesser-known superfruit is perhaps one of the most powerful fruits on the planet that can help improve every aspect of the body.

Amla hails from India and is often called the Indian Gooseberry.  It’s been a critical nutritional component of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, but is less common in the Western world.  Fortunately, you can enjoy the incredible benefits of Amla from Zokiva’s Amla Powder, which Amla ripe in any season, climate and environment across the globe. 

In large part, the health benefits of Amla stem from its unprecedented antioxidant content.  It has an exorbitant amount of Vitamin C and countless other antioxidant compounds including many polyphenols and tannoids.  As we all know, antioxidants help scavenge and destroy free radicals that cause oxidative stress and potential mutations on cells.  Amla has a great advantage, however, because it contains such as wide range of supercharged antioxidants that make it more effective at protecting cells than most fruits.  Antioxidants boost immune strength to keep sickness, infections and diseases at bay, and help repair the body when plagued by illness. 

Antioxidants are powerful in other ways too.  Amla is particularly gaining popularity for its benefits for bright, beautiful skin and silky, shiny hair.  By consuming Amla as part of a healthy diet, you can reap the benefits both internally and externally.  For skin, Amla helps slow the effects of aging by stimulating collagen production that keeps skin elastic and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.  The antioxidant Vitamin A found in Amla is a retinoid that is quite deft at aiding the youthful appearance of skin.  For hair, Amla helps nourish and hydrate strands from root to tip.  It assists in reducing dandruff and hair loss, and makes hair look and feel lustrous and full. 

Amla Powder is a wonderful source of fiber, which not only aids the digestive system, but may also contribute to weight loss and weight management.  Fiber is an essential component of the human diet that helps slow digestion and allows the body to absorb and benefit from the vast nutrients of food while creating a satiating feeling of fullness.  The terrific fiber found in Amla also helps balance blood glucose levels.  When blood sugar is stable and the body is satisfied with superior nutrients, cravings are reduced and the body can more efficiently process a healthy diet.  Between more healthful eating and the added energy provided by Amla’s nutrients, weight loss and weight management goals may be more attainable. 

Last but not least, antioxidants are great for cardiovascular health, which in turn supports the entire body.  Oxidation and swelling are the root causes of many diseases, especially heart disease that leads to many heart problems.  Amla has shown promise in reducing bad LDL cholesterol levels while increasing helpful HDL cholesterol levels, within normal limits.  It also helps strengthen blood vessels, a critical step in improving overall heart health.  

As with most aspects of health, preventative measures are always better than reactive measures.  With a superfruit supplement like Amla Powder in your corner, you can start your New Year with a phenomenal preventative healthcare plan. 


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