Rejuvenate your Skin with Argan Oil

Even the harshest winter conditions won’t stop Argan Oil from being one of the world’s best natural moisturizers and healing skin solutions. Endemic to Morocco (and also often called Moroccan oil), Argan Oil can help you revive lackluster skin to new radiance. Here’s how:

Argan Oil contains two essential elements that help your skin thrive. The first is antioxidants, which combat free radicals that damage skin cells. The effects of free radicals range from premature aging in the form of wrinkles and sagging, to course or blemished skin. Free radicals can even cause skin infections and disease. But the antioxidants in Argan Oil – including all-powerful Vitamin E – can reverse damage for more youthful-looking, healthy skin.

The second ingredient that makes Argan Oil a “must have” for your skin is its natural composition of approximately 80% essential fatty acids. These include omega-3, omega-6, linoleic, linolenic, palmitic and oleic fatty acids. Fatty acids aid in new cell turnover, which means fresher, younger and more vibrant cells will rise to the surface of your skin to replace older, weaker and dull skin cells. This results in quicker healing and a more consistent skin tone, texture and fullness.

With antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Argan Oil can help with just about any skin condition. For everyday use it is a phenomenal moisturizer. Many people don’t like putting oily products on their face but Argan Oil is an exception. It penetrates the skin deeply and is quickly absorbed so it doesn’t leave your skin looking or feeling greasy. It also combats issues like pimples and acne that many people associate with oil-based skin products. And it works wonders on other areas of skin such as nails, knuckles, elbows, knees and feet that tend to suffer from weather and environmental conditions.

When it comes to healing, Argan Oil is second to none. Massaging Argan Oil into inflamed or infected skin areas allows nutrients to soak deeply for rapid repair. And get this: it can even reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. That’s a natural potion worth its weight in gold, which, in addition to its golden hue, is why it’s often called liquid gold.

Another amazing way Argan Oil supports your skin is that it has so many practical uses all in one bottle. As we’ve discussed, you can use it straight-up as a moisturizer or healing serum. You can also mix it with vanilla extract and brown sugar to make an exfoliant scrub. Or try Argan Oil with lemon juice, honey and Greek yogurt to make a nutritive and refreshing face mask. How about this: add a drop or two to your makeup to keep your products fresh and working to support your most youthful skin all day long. Mix Argan oil with rose water for a DIY toner or use it to remove your makeup at the end of the day. There are so many possibilities in just one small bottle of Argan Oil.

Now that you’ve read the skin-rejuvenating benefits of Argan Oil, you know why people sometimes call it a miracle oil. We sure think so!


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