KuKui Oil for Strong, Nourished and Gorgeous Hair

So you’ve been having some hair issues and you’re looking for an all-natural solution that will leave your hair looking fresh and fabulous? Zokiva has the perfect solution for you – KuKui Oil.

This ancient Hawaiian secret has left the islands and is ready to help with many of your hair woes. We know you’ve been living it up in the sun lately, dipping in chemical-laden pools, maybe adding a few highlights now and then, and perhaps using hot styling tools. These all quickly damage your hair and can contribute to a less-than-stellar look.

From dry scalp to lackluster strands, from frizz to residue build-up, KuKui Oil is your go-to hair remedy. Take a look at how KuKui Oil can help restore natural beauty to your hair:

Extreme Moisture: Your hair can get just as dehydrated as your skin and your insides. When dryness sets in, you need extreme moisture from KuKui Oil. It is made of 42% linoleic acid and 29% alpha-linolenic acid that absorbs deeply into your scalp and hair roots to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Kukui Oil can help reduce dandruff, itchiness and irritation caused by dry scalp. Simply massage Kukui Oil into your scalp 15-30 minutes before washing, wear as a leave-in overnight treatment or mix it into your conditioner for daily moisture.

Clean and Green: Kukui Oil is a natural cleansing agent that can help wash away germs and the grimy residue that is left from being out in the elements and using lots of hair products. These tend to build up on your hair, especially at the roots and can prevent your hair from looking its best. By adding Kukui Oil to your shampoo or massaging it into your hair once a week, you’ll keep your strands free of grit.

Smooth Moves: Say goodbye to frizz with calming, smoothing Kukui Oil. When used on wet or dry hair, it tames your “spirited” hair and keeps it soft and smooth. Pat it through your hair after washing and before air drying or blow drying, or pull it through your dry hair to help with your styling goals.

Strong Strands: Need to boost weakened strands? Kukui Oil is phenomenal at strengthening and protecting your hair. When you coat your hair with Kukui Oil, you’re nourishing it from root to tips with fantastic nutrients including essential fatty acids and other dense phyto-nutrients.

Get the strong, nourished, gorgeous hair you deserve with all-natural Kukui Oil!



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