Get Ready for Summer with Zokiva’s Skinny Teas

The spring sunshine means that summer is right around the corner. We know you’re exercising, eating healthy, and employing many other healthy lifestyle habits to look and feel your best. But sometimes you need that little extra boost to rev your metabolism, shed a few extra pounds, and give your toned muscles the debut they deserve. That’s when you can call on Zokiva’s Skinny Teas!

It seems too simple that tea can help you feel more confident in your shorts, tank tops, swimsuits and sundresses but, when combined with a wholesome diet and exercise, it may be just that easy. We’re not saying there’s a magic weight-loss solution, but there are certainly superfoods that help prime your body for your ideal body image.

Our Skinny Teas are nutritious superfood teas of the purest quality blended with delicious flavors to keep you enjoying your drink from first sip to last. These ancient traditional teas include green tea, rooibos tea, and oolong tea. Each has its own set of phenomenal health benefits and support your goals to get ready for summer.

How Do Skinny Teas Support Weight Management?

Skinny Teas work to support weight management in several ways. First, each has a wealth of antioxidants that tend to elevate metabolic rates including the way the body deals with fat storage and blood glucose levels. One study showed that drinking just 2.5 cups of Green Tea per day aids in weight loss, likely thanks to its flavonoid content. Similarly, experts believe polyphenols called catechins are responsible for great weight loss and weight management benefits in Oolong Tea. And Rooibos Tea contains the bioflavonoid aspalathin that suppresses stress hormones that signal hunger and fat storage, among other things.

Green Tea and Oolong Tea both contain caffeine, which is a known metabolism booster. This natural source of caffeine doesn’t leave you feeling jittery, but rather energized and motivated. Even without caffeine, Rooibos Tea is believed to interrupt production of new fat cells.

All three teas contain no fat or carbohydrates, making them a much better alternative to sugary drinks you may consume throughout the day. Plus, unlike coffee, there is no need to add any calorie-laden sweeteners into our Skinny Teas. That’s because their inherent flavor combined with our natural flavor enhancers make them truly scrumptious with no additives necessary.

Zokiva’s Skinny Tea Collection

Zokiva offers four mouth-watering Skinny Teas to choose from:

Skinny Mango Gourmet Green Tea: This creamy tea will take your taste buds to the tropics. Skinny Mango is a great one to sip by the campfire or instead of a sweet midday treat.

Skinny Citrus Gourmet Green Tea: With a hint of orange and lemon, Skinny Citrus has a sweet, refreshing flavor that satisfies your citrus cravings. Served cold, this beverage can replace OJ or lemonade.

Skinny Vanilla Gourmet Rooibos Tea: Smooth and soothing, Skinny Vanilla tastes like warm cookies fresh from the oven – but without the calories! When you need a caffeine-free option, Skinny Vanilla is the way to go.

Skinny Grapefruit Gourmet Oolong Tea: You’ll adore this pick-me-up tea with tangy citrus flavors bursting with energy. Cold or hot, Skinny Grapefruit is like a party in your mouth.

Zokiva Nutritionals
Zokiva Nutritionals


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