Beat the Winter Blues with Energy Tea to Boost Your Mood

It’s still winter and for many of us, we are stuck inside with little exposure to sunlight during winter months. Seasonal affective disorder is a mental condition that typically occurs in the winter. It causes depression in about 5% of the population, and can result in milder symptoms like moodiness, lethargy, exhaustion and weight gain in up to 20% of people. Women are significantly more likely to experience seasonal affective disorder than are men.

Like many other mental health issues, the definitive cause of this disorder is unknown, but there are certainly ways to combat and cope with symptoms of the “winter blues,” including finding healthy ways to give yourself a dose of energy. And on a cold winter day, we can’t think of a better idea than a warm cup of energy tea to boost your mood, energy levels and rev up your metabolism.

Wondering where such a phenomenal tea can be found? Right here at Zokiva, of course! Moringa tea is an ancient health remedy that has been used for medicinal and nutritional purposes for centuries in Africa and Asia. Moringa tea comes from the leaves of the Moringa tree, a tropical plant that contains over 90 bio-nutrients, making it one of the healthiest natural sources of nutrition known to humankind.

Because Moringa has so many of the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids we crave, Moringa fuels the body, offering incredible energy for both routine daily activities and more intense exercise. Believe it or not, Moringa provides all of these benefits without caffeine. Yup, it’s 100% caffeine free. And better yet, it’s an all-natural whole food so our bodies can easily digest and distribute its nutrients, making Moringa tea immediately invigorating.

With great nutrition comes many other benefits, and the benefits of Moringa are multi-faceted. Our brains function better when our bodies are fueled with the proper nutrients required to keep all systems running smoothly. Emotional balance also relies on a healthy dietary intake. In addition to keeping our brains focused and emotions in check, Moringa may stimulate calming hormones that help manage seasonal surges of negative emotions.

Moringa tea is also an incredible weight management tool. We already touched on Moringa for energy and emotional stability, both of which help motivate us to stick to a regular exercise routine. Daily exercise is vital to our health on many levels and is certainly a major factor helping you to lose weight. Moringa also helps us achieve weight management goals by filling our bodies with the “good stuff” like fiber and protein so we feel satiated and our blood sugar levels are stable. This makes us less likely to have the urge to over-indulge and go on unnecessary calorie binges.

And if all of that was not enough, Moringa tea is a delicious, warm beverage that will take the chill out of winter, one sip at a time! Its slight nutty essence will warm you to the core while providing the incredible, all-natural nutrients you need to stay energized and emotionally balanced so that you can be your best self during this season and year round. So put the tea kettle on, and feel good knowing that you’re putting only the purest form of nutrients into your body with Zokiva Moringa tea.

Cheers, to your health and wellness!


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Zokiva Nutritionals


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